adult Sunday school

Making Disciples

Sunday School is an important part of discipleship at Crossroads.  We meet each Sunday from October through May for an in-depth discussion and learning throughout the year following the worship service. With an eye on the intersection of faith and our world, adult Sunday school tackles topics that deal with living out our faith, in the workplace, home and in our connected world.

We just concluded our Fall series where sought to understand our times as we explored the roots and rise of the sexual revolution that has gained tremendous momentum in the past few years and is confronting believers in the workplace, school, and numerous other areas of life. If you missed any of the classes and would like to go back and listen to them, click here to be directed to our Media Page.

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Book Recommendations

The current Sunday School series is based on the books below.

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

By Carl R. Trueman

Strange New World

By Carl R. Trueman

Strange New World Study Guide

By Carl R. Trueman

Past Series

Below are some of the past Sunday School series we've covered. You can listen to Sunday School lessons by searching in the media section of the website.