Communicants Class has concluded for Spring 2024. Check back for an updated schedule for upcoming classes.


A communicants class is a class for covenant children who would like to become communing members. Do you have children who have made their own profession of faith or may be ready to make a profession of faith? This class is intended to work with you as parents to help guide your children in the essentials of the faith so they can confidently make a profession of faith and be admitted to the Lord’s Table. This class is also helpful for children who have been admitted to the Lord’s Table but would benefit from covering the basics of the faith.


We believe that God reveals Himself in Scripture through covenants.  To the extent that this covenantal relationship is so prevalent within the Old and New Testaments, we believe it is helpful to see that all of God’s revelation can be summarized by its understanding within this Covenant Theology.
In accordance with Scripture, we believe that although young children are born and exist in sin, they are specially marked out from the world, and thus we describe them as “non-communing members” within the visible church. In Chapter 6 of our Book of Church Order there is a helpful distinction made between the non-communing and communing member of a PCA church.
(1) 6-1 says: “The children of believers are, through the covenant and by right of birth, non-communing members of the church. Hence they are entitled to baptism, and to the pastoral oversight, instruction and government of the church, with a view to their embracing Christ and thus possessing personally all benefits of the covenant.”
(2) In comparison 6-2 says: “Communing members are those who have made a profession of faith in Christ, have been baptized, and have been admitted by the Session to the Lord’s Table.”   These instructions, principles drawn from Scriptural truths impress upon us the unique responsibility to these children and encourages us to take seriously the work of God in their lives (see Christ’s example in Matthew 19:13-15).
Families are encouraged to guide and instruct their children concerning sin, redemption, and its application through the Scriptures.  Believers’ children should be, “taught to love God, and to obey and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. When they are able to understand the Gospel, they should be earnestly reminded that they are members of the Church by birthright, and that it is their duty and privilege personally to accept Christ, to confess Him before men, and to seek admission to the Lord’s Supper (PCA Book of Church Order 57-1).”
It is important to note that children who make a public profession of faith and are admitted by the Session to the Lord’s Table are not joining our church. Rather, they are already members (non-communing) by virtue of their birth into a Christian home and are simply changing their status from non-communing to communing members by a personal profession of faith.  The key difference between communing and non-communing membership is that a communicant member of the church is an individual who has made a credible public profession of personal faith and whose life gives evidence of union with Christ Jesus.  


The Communicant’s Class is a 4-week class meant to help cement and increase the child’s understanding of their salvation in Christ and membership in the church, but it cannot function as a crutch or stand-alone tool for training young Christians.  For children, the Communicant’s Class, is often only as effective as the preparation that has been done at home through the work of the parents by the power of the Spirit of God.  


We will be using the book “Understanding the Faith: A Workbook for Communicants Classes and Others Preparing to Make a Public Confession of Faith.” The book was written by Stephen Smallman, a pastor in the PCA. Parents should purchase a book for each participating child. Books can be purchased on Amazon.
The book is meant for parents to work through with children at home. This follows the Scriptural model that the parents have the primary responsibility for teaching and discipling their children. This class is the church’s formal way of partnering with them for this specific purpose. Each lesson should be signed off on by a parent in the workbook.
The book has 17 lessons. The lessons are to be done at home weekly and reviewed during the class. At each class we will review roughly 4 lessons that have been done prior to the class. If the child hasn’t completed all the lessons, they can still attend and work through the lessons in the class.


Communicants Class has concluded for Spring 2024. Check back for an updated schedule for upcoming classes.


During the class, likely after the 3rd meeting, students will consider their own relationship to Christ and if they are ready to make a profession of faith.  Children will be encouraged to discuss this with their parents.  If the child desires to become a communing member, a time will be scheduled to meet with two elders of the church.  At that time, they may make a profession of faith, become a communing member of Crossroads Presbyterian Church, and begin observing the Lord’s Supper. Note: Any child who has not been baptized would also be baptized at this point.