The word deacon means “servant.” While Jesus calls every Christian to be a servant, he has created a special office in the church to set the tempo for service. This is the office of the deacon. At Crossroads the work of the deacons includes mercy ministry, oversight of the orphan care ministry, stewardship of the building and property, financial stewardship counseling and training, church finances, and worship service support.

On the first Sunday of the month a deacon’s offering is collected from the congregation and used by the deacons to meet very practical needs in our church and community. If you wish to give to the deacon’s fund please write “deacon’s fund” in the memo.

If you are in need of help, please contact the Deacons by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

The Deacons of Crossroads

Mike Lally

Tom Milligan

Chairman of the Deacons

Deacon Apprentices

Prior to becoming a Deacon, those nominated must go through an extensive apprenticeship program. The following individuals are currently Deacon apprentices:

Sean Devlin

Jeff Maguire

Deacon Apprentice
Deacon Apprentice

Deaconal Assistants

The following individuals are currently Deaconal assistants:

Jeremy Watkins

Deaconal Assistant

Contact the Deacons

If you are experiencing difficulty and in need of practical assistance, please contact the Deacons by filling out the form below.