The PCA’s representative form of church government is rooted in its name — Presbyterian, which means elder led. Local churches are governed by elders (presbyters) elected by the church members. These elders make up the Session, the body the oversight and spiritual care of  Crossroads' members.  This form of government extends through the regional presbyteries (Crossroads is part of the Heritage Presbytery), which facilitate connectionalism to the national General Assembly, which expresses PCA’s connectionalism and the bond of union between/among all the churches.  The session of Crossroads Presbyterian Church consists of Teaching and Ruling elders who are men that have been nominated, found to meet the qualifications for elder as outlined  in Titus 1 and  Timothy 3, and elected by the congregation.

The Session of Crossroads

Rev. Michael Hernandez

Teaching Elder

David Crossan Sr.

Ruling Elder

Andrew Warner

Bud Downey

Ruling Elder
Ruling Elder

Elder Apprentices


Lee Geissler

Paul Bonnett

Elder Apprentice
Elder Apprentice